The intent of TMA MAG was simple: experiment with new ways to excite, intrigue, and if we were lucky, inspire.

The core of this project was rooted in an full-bodied examination of creative work: to explore how artists from all disciplines locate and evolve their process; to identify what it means to nurture your perspective and sharpen your skills; to hand roses to the communities that support you; and, ultimately, dispel the notion that incredible art happens in a vacuum.

  • The Client
  • TMA / Universal Music Canada
  • The Talent
  • Casey MQ, Cartel Madras, Amaal


Make no mistake, TMA MAG is a zine. But it’s is also an art book, a guide book, and an instruction manual. Something to live on your coffee table or pass along to your friend. Something with faces you recognized, and some you didn’t. Something that could capture the immaterial, overwhelming, and spectacular feeling of what it means to make beautiful art in Canada right now.

We finished printing the the zine in first week of March so you know how this story ends. Now TMA feels like a breathless capsule of where we’ve been, where we were, and where we might be going. We invite you along for the ride.